Long Sleeve Gardening Gloves

  • $24.99


Hey gardening lover! These gloves are perfect for you. They will protect your hands and forearms while you work in the stickiest situations. Roses? Prickly bushes? Cacti? Other scratchy plants? No problem when you have these gloves protecting you. They even have extra padding on the palms to keep your hands comfortable when you work with gardening tools. 

These gloves are awesome!


    Our long sleeve gardening gloves are specially designed to protect your hands while you are doing yard work, garden pruning, trimming shrubs, etc.

    An extra layer on the front and back of every fingertip to enhance protection.

    Scientific styrene butadiene rubber padding distributed on the palm to reduce hand fatigue.

    Ergonomic design around the palm and fingers allow you to easily grip your garden tools.

    Extended long sleeve for more protection, lined with a soft nap to keep you comfortable.


Condiiton: 100% Brand New

Material: dacron

Lining:  Leather

Color: As Picture Shown

Disposable: No

Size: Approx. 42 * 10cm / 16.5 * 3.9in

Weight: Approx. 106g

Package Included:

1ea Pair of Gardening Gloves