Costway Wooden 3-Tier Garden Planter

  • $133.99

This is our wooden, three-tiered vegetable bed. The 4' x 4' garden bed is perfect for growing your plants and vegetables. With its step stair design, you can place various sized plants inside each level. Each section is approximately 7 inches higher than the previous, giving plants ample space between each other to grow efficiently. Solid wood construction makes this a planter that can serve you for a long time. Use this bed on your patio, lawn, or garden.

Material: cedar wood

Thickness of wood panel:0.5''

Overall dimension: 49" x 49" x 22" (L x W x H)

Top (Smallest) box dimension:47.0'' x 16.7" x 7.0'' (L x W x H)

Middle box dimension:47.0'' x 32.5'' x 7.0'' (L x W x H)

Lower (Largest) box dimension:47.0'' x 47.0'' x 7.0'' (L x W x H)